• N0 EMA1L: So at first i really needed to fill in the "Email" but it didn't really matter so just leave the Email it's fake,that was just when I REALLY STARTED.
    HEll0!! Welcome to FLYIN SAUCERS, and i make animations for this
    OF COURSE app and entertainment for you and me too(I think U should put wii shop music?).
    F A Q :
    Were do you live: I live in Memey Peak with my house numbered "twerny wern".
    What do you like to do :) : Of course making Animtions, but maybe dumping can be one RiGht?!?
    (Nice Guy:) Um is this part of the F A Q?
    What's your favorite animal: That Boy (umm maybe go look at meme for this so U know(YA RIGHT WIERD ADVISES.)
    What's your favorite Anime character! : .........Goku??.....or can i just say "i have no.
    If u guys suk at Animations here I HAS TIPS GIVV 1.Put line or stick guy like -> ll not l l. 2.put in 8,9 or 10FPS. I'll be making Animations soo TOPPADA NIGHT IN ME DESCRIPTION.

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