{} «» {} BR!3 TH3 W0|F {} «» {}


  • Heya! I'm Brie and, I'm a wolf :3
    Im a girl
    My favorite number is 64
    Sometimes I get depressed.... Or something
    I have a... Sad past, so please, don't ask
    My favorite song is Darkside ^w^
    I don't want to say how old I am ¬~¬
    Crush.... Well.... I dunno ^~^
    I'm An Alpha wolf and, I'm fast and strong
    I'm half artic fox, half dark fox
    I have demon eyes, so they are red
    I luv cookies, snow and... SHIPPING PPL!
    I have a secret.... I'm... Half Angel and, half demon...
    I don't like tha water >~<
    '`' Hoi!, I'm Brie! Want a cookie? '`'

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