♡mocha the fox♡


  • Hai I'm mocha soo uhh here's some things
    Age=HELL NAH
    Ocs=Saturn mocha Zachary and nixxiom and foxella
    Fav food= POPTARTS!!!!!!
    feeling=frickin happy
    Q=are you gay
    Q=do you have a crush
    A=nope I am taken
    Q=what's your fav animal?
    A=you blind FOXES
    Q=how old are yo-
    A=just...just shut up
    Q=do you swear
    A=if you call saying hell fricken or shut up a bad word then yes I do
    uhh btw ima female
    So I shall explain mah characters
    Has brown hair and white tips on her tail ear and muzzle shes very sweet and sometimes dumb can be aggressive has a crop top with a coffee cup on it and has a coffee cup necklace on and she has brown eyes and nose
    Has really pale yellow and some hints of orange hair a light orange tail and ears yellow eyes and nose
    (Nixxiom)has green black and white hair she also has a green tail ears and nose her real name is toxic nixxiom but ppl call her nix
    (Foxella)neon orange and purple VERY VERY sweet single (If you like her just tell meh)has orange and purple eyes and her right paw is orange and her back left is purple
    Brown eyes brown hair brown you know what he's just brown
    Foxxo blue
    Chewi the dog

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