• Hello! Visit My Youtube Channel! - LishaYT - (Gray-Blue Leaf HeadBand // Grayish-White Hair // Thug Life Glasses // Light Blue Child Dress) -

    I'm Over "50" Subscribers I'm Pretty Short

    But I'm a starter on youtube so just...

    WISH ME LUCK!! ^^

    My Favorite Color... White And Black

    My Favorite Animal... Zebras and Elephants

    My Favorite Food... Obviously Junk Food

    I'm a lazy person, I'm always upstairs playing game... And I HATEEE chores!!

    My Age... 11 I'm young right... Just... Shocking

    But that's all gotta say! :D

    I now have "60" Subscribers! Thanks To! ~ Phantom Fox!!! Shutouts for Phanton!

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