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  • Hello, person, or animal, or whatever you are, you are reading my profile bio(I know, it’s obvious). I make my own mini animated clips series and also make posts like “What is your favorite ____?” or “What should I do next?” If you want, add me on Xbox. I mostly play Forza Horizon games and Need For Speed games, and and Roblox as well(I’m not a noob on roblox either, jus sayin.) My Xbox One Gamertag is: DarkFrost324

    I am a 13 yr old male human being. My favorite song/soundtrack is “Sunrise” by Fred V & Grafix. My top fave game is Forza Horizon 4, but mostly just the Forza series itself. I’m online every single day every single week so if you want to talk, don’t worry. Thanks for reading this, and have a great day everyone, bye!

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