Golden Puppet.


  • Hello I'm Golden Puppet I'm a puppet that possessed by a soul a man killed me and my soul possessed this puppet...if this puppet gets destroys then I possess another puppet or animatronic if my body is destroyed then my soul disapears and I am gone forever... My mom is the Puppet my dad is Golden Freddy and my friends are Candy,Bonbon amd cupcake :)

    Candy likes to make some mischief time to time so whatch out for her....…
    Here's some info
    Gender: girl ( but you probably already knew that )
    Fav color: Yellow
    Fav song: Disconected by...uh..ok I don't know who made that song but I like it and victorious by panic at the disco
    Fav animal: SLOTHS!!!!!!!!
    Crush: none
    Birthday: June 19

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