Marina the WolfOwO


  • Hmmm.... idk
    Hearty, female, cat, 21
    Felicia, female, cat, 29
    Minty, male, anteseptidog(or how ever u call/spell it), 39
    Cyber, male, robot cat, unknown, single
    Marina, female, wolfybat,11, single
    Wolfie, female, wolfydog, 13, single
    Diamond,female, kittydog, 5, singe
    Blueberry, male, water puppy, 7, single
    Rosepetal, female, robo cat, 15, taken
    Wøffle, female, catdog, 4, single
    CandyCane, female, kittydog, 13, taken
    Galiik, female, alien doggo, 13, taken (with candycane)
    Facts about meh
    I am an animator.. I'm not that popular on yt tho I have two channels
    Marina the WolfOwO and WolfieAnimationsOwO
    I am a 11 year old girl and i have 1 younger brother
    My social medias are
    Amino, Instagram, Deviant Art, and Discord
    I have no friends and im really shy so... idk
    My username WolfieAnimationsOwO came from an idea for changing my original yt account Marina the WolfOwO
    This account is on an iPad :V

    Idk I hate life?.....
    O- and I'm a kittydog fan girl.... but doesn't do all that stuff that most fan girls of that thing does lol

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