• Wha sup all you awesome animators!

    My OCs
    1.Rosey Rosey has red hair light blue eyes and a blue sweater grey jeans and sneakers also a fake fox tail
    2.Mackenzie Mackenzie is a cat girl she has very short hair pink eyes shorts and boots her tail is very big and fluffy also a short top with a shirt underneath it
    3.Lizzy Lizzy is a dog she and Mackenzie don't get along cuz Mackenzie is a cat and Lizzy is a dog she has green eyes a dress and just in case a sword
    4. Allison is a demon girl she wants to be good but darkness is flowing in her body so she can't help herself

    5.Alice is the the good version of Allison they might look very different but they are two halves of the same person...Alice is an angel girl

    Favorite things

    Outfit: I just like to wear normal shorts and shirts

    Video game: I love to play anime games like dragon ball fighter z and narouto also Doki Doki Lititure club

    Food: I like to eat rice and chicken from this food place at a mall I think it's called sukru Japan

    Color: my favorite color is either magenta or light blue

    Kinds of cartoons:my favorite kinds of cartoons are anime and regular cartoons

    Thing to do:I love to draw and learn to draw better

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