CrossCharaAndCompany [Online]


  • Name:Cross [Dead...for some reason]
    Favorite AU:X-tale (my AU)
    Favorite song:All of Alan Walker's songs (sorry if I misspelled) and some Melanie Martinez songs
    Likes:Chocolate,Blue red black,Sweaters and scarves,Echo flowers,Golden flower tea,knives,cutting self
    Dislikes:Haters,people who annoy him,Sometimes himself
    Crush:I don't have one anymore
    Hobby:Killing or Drawing, doodling and other stuff for art
    Species:Human/Demon kid or Megalomaniac/Ghost
    Friends:...nobody wants to be my friend
    Q & A (Cross)
    Q:Do you like Sweet stuff like chocolates?
    Q:Do you have any.....any...fangirls?
    Q:Do you have any siblings?
    A:Yes, my sister, Criss
    Q:Do you like Undertale?
    A:Of course I do
    Q:Do you have magic?
    A:No, I lost my magic when I died
    Q:Do You like knives?
    A:Yes, I use them on a daily basis
    Q:Who is your best friend?
    A:Cross sans and Cross Flowey, mostly myself
    Q:Do you like killing?
    A:-smiles creepily- Yes.....IF YOU WANT TO DIE YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE =)
    Q:Are you evil?
    A:I was, then I wasn't, then I was again. So...yes, I'm evil
    Q:Self Harm?

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