• Hey! Its me Annabel :3 IF UR READING THIS UR SOOOOOO GENEROUS LIKE 1000000 TIMES MORE THAN JESUSEZ AGE. Im kidding, but you can be generous, i am REALLY into anime, once i was a seed that didn’t know how to draw, but now i am a anime nearly artist that doesn’t have shadings on it’s art! so now I'm bored uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i don’t know what to say i can draw your oc’s if you want???? No actually i’m soooo bored, umm here is all the animes i know Sailor Moon, Naruto, Pokémon, Kanna or whatever it is, death note, EHHHH I JUST WANNA DO ANIME GAMES GACHAVERSE GACHA STUDIO GACHA LIFE POCKET CHIBI neko cat???? AND MORE. Soooo umm im gonna end this off now (/;-;/ BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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