Höõdīe(please remember me/stay happy for me/Now Im resting in peace)


  • Hello it's Hoodie. I made a new account because my old one was hacked or something! I am a werewolf. I looooove being nice. I have anxiety, asma, depression, a eating disorder and I'm bi. I love my Senpai~ Python also. He's the best ^\\^
    Austin: crush: -///-...
    Masky : taken
    Phoenix: taken
    Smile: crush:.....Tino.....
    Blade: Phoenix's son
    Del: crush: tophat~
    Shadow:crush: rave.
    Tear: crush:I like.. Sophia
    Hood: crush: himself XD jk
    Rainbow: crush: hehe 0//v//0
    Elemental : crush:...
    Reverse: crush: bolt
    Time: crush: elemental!!!...
    Galaxy: crush: Jason!
    Light: I like..??
    Akio: crush: algiri...
    Macario: crush: DARK :D
    Sadness : crush: no one..
    Remember to check out all my friends accounts.there the best :D

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