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  • useless info:

    campe diem ☻
    any personas I use (most of the time) are not my OCs. I'm just saying this 'cuz why not ;v
    currently a 4 fangirl/fanboy, please don’t talk about my poor life choices uwu
    Instead of kedamono like I said previously call me whatever my user name is lmao-
    should be obvious by now but remember that Preston Goodplay isn’t my real name oof
    Bubble tea is the besssst
    things I like (aka fandoms): Pokémon, *dhmis*, htf, undertale, homestuck, Hamilton the musical, *bendy and the ink machine*, *popee the performer*, *Camp Camp*, *Cuphead*, *Doki Doki Literature Club* and Heathers the musical :DDDD

    (the ones with stars ((*)) are my major fandoms)
    B-day: Jan 6th! (Three Kings Day for some)
    Green tea ice cream is my life.
    Magi: a magician cat who has a top hat. (hey, that rhymes!) he is based off of classic 1930s cartoons and used to be a BATIM OC (I still use him as a BATIM OC but he really isn't anymore-)
    Ruby: a little girl who likes to knit herself cloaks and ponchos. Right now, she only has a duck and a platypus poncho. She's also my camp camp camper OC!
    Raioon: a white circus lion with a green mane. He is my popee the performer OC but i plan on making a whole short story for him. I want to make him a normal OC soon.
    Mon: she’s based off of the old (maybe Edo era?)japanese coins. She’s a BFDI OC, does she really need that much of a backstory?
    Animal jam account: catdogmosse (playing for 4 years)
    AJ Play Wild: catdogmosse (playing since late beta)
    ROBLOX: LeonardTheLamp (5 years old!)
    BATIM amino: 「ᏚᏟᎡᎬᎬᏟᎻ 」
    Popee the performer amino: toaster
    Camp camp amino: shylet
    BFDI amino: same as my BATIM amino username
    More info: I try to role play, but it ends up super awkward, so RP with me at your own risk! I also have no life! ;u;
    I’m antisocial as hell irl and online so if you try to talk to me don’t expect a descriptive(?) reply
    obsessions: bendy; kedamono, popee, or basically anything that has to do with popee the performer lol; anything that has to do with camp camp (I'm too obsessed H E L P)
    current fav. song: "Universe Cat Drowning" by Kikuo (it's an amazing song!!)
    Q: how did you join this app??
    A:I just randomly found it.

    Q: why do you always draw fanart?
    A: because I like things...?

    Q: why are you so obsessed with popee the performer????
    A: it's an ok show (anime cough cough)

    Q: now you're obsessed with Camp Camp?
    A: yes. now stop asking me questions, "mehslef". ;-;

    Q: what if the haters dab back?
    A: stop it. get some help. and didn't I say to stop asking me questions?

    Q: why do you suck at drawing?

    Q: any friends on here?
    A: yes!
    lazytown is best anime))))
    Etc.: dhmis trash, eddsworld trash, batim trash, popee the performer trash, cookie run trash, and camp camp trash (that's alotta trash mm)


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