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    My OC'S are Kento (the demon king), Brother Yin (one of kentos big brothers- king of the darkness), Neto (kentos twin brother- the king of carnage), and finaly Angel(shes a fallen angel but because she cant make her way back home her kind light is tainted causing her to be half demon).
    And together their all unstopable BUT the only problem is the monster hunters... they hunt demans dawn so they can no langer eat another human soul and when a demon is found their killed at first site...
    along with the monster hunter we've now got another foe who hates kento and their the monsters of the darkness and horror, they call the themselfs "The monsters of the night" First member is sojiro (hes a monster who hates waiting, can blind in with the shadows, and loves to eat humans), Secand member is Bam- Bam (he's a weard dude who loves kittens and crys during sad movies he has spicky black hair... but dont be tricked because if you trust him way too much he'll kill you), Third is Retsuma-kun (he's a care free happy guy who loves to play around, but if you let him do it that much he'll get to the point were he wants to play dangerus games, involving your death), And finaly Nie-chan (he's a shape shifter he normaly shape shifts into any animal but he can also form into a human) and with that the monster hunter's have to hunt monster's dawn too to prevent humans being eaten.

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