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    Hi I'm Kait and I love sans! I know I know he belongs to Toby fox but,in relationship terms,sans is mine. You can hang out with him but DO NOT do anything sexual. Please. Anyways, I really like Undertale, FNAF, Kittydog, Dantdm, EthanGamerTV(huge fan) and life:) I dislike haters,mean words, Cyber kitten, being killed, bad fan art of me,and lazy animators. Please do not hate on my animes. Il, try my best and I may...kill over the Internet but don't hate :(
    That's all the words in my mind. Enjoy my animes!!!!

    My name is Katherine and I love The Amazing World Of Gumball my bestie is BFB fan :3
    I am a fairy and I love cats a lot!
    I like to play Gachaverse and Gacha Studio,Roblox and MineCraft
    My user name for Roblox is KittyLover42360 and my username for MC is KathrineGamez231.
    Anyways,My favorite horror movie is IT.(because of that movie I am now scared of clowns ;-;)
    My fav characters are Georgie and Beverly.
    And my favorite movie is The MLP movie.

    Rrrring! Rrrrrring! The phone started moving forward, to the vey edge. Finally it fell off, Casey jumped as the loud thud shock the old house. Casey was mute so didn't bother to pick it up. Her father was death and her mother is blind. People called them 'The Hellen Keller family' None of them liked that. Their father never heard them, the mother would file a complaint if she wasn't blind, Casey would have yelled stop so many times that she'd cry but she was mute. Casey never had any friends because when they talked to her she'd never say anything back. They thought she was giving them a silent treatment. Her teacher disliked her a little because she'd never answer the problem. Other kids would share secrets about her without her knowing. She wanted to speak up but she never could. They needed a friend. Someone like them, someone who is born with disadvantages. They moved over 20 years ago when mother had married another man. Now Casey will tell the story from her vision.

    Hi I'm Casey and I come from a broken family all with disadvantages, no one likes me... I want to die, but life will get better someday as my mother says. Hopefully she's right. I can't wait to meet out new neighbors! Our last ones were very annoying for me and my mother. The day our new neighbors arrived was the very best day of my life. Their child had a skin disease called "butterfly skin" which makes their bones as fragile as a butterfly's wings. The parents were always faking a smile. The child's name was Kasey. I liked that name. It was like mine. The moment they got out of the car I ran to Kasey and hugged her very very gently. Kasey looked at me funny and said: "Why are you hugging me...?" I asked my mother for a piece of paper, I wrote: I have disadvantage too! Kasey looked surprised as if she'd been just invited to a popular kids party.

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