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  • Real name:
    Gender: Girl
    Are you gay: Nor
    Q : your age
    A : none yah
    Q : senpai or nah
    A : nah
    Q : your Birthday
    A : April 22 (Aka Earth day)
    Q : do you cry
    A : I cry in a cool way
    Q : can I draw you
    A : just like Harry Styles said "draw me like one of your French girl"
    Oc's/about them
    Anakin : "I'm just here"
    Taylor :
    Anastasia : *singing* I'm a genie in a bottle baby!!!
    Athena ( water Oc) : "hey I'm Athena I'm from the U.K. I have a British accent I'm not dating but I am crushing O//O, I'm also straight and I have water powers I'm also half mermaid"
    Jupiter (Fire Oc) : He came from Ireland has an Irish accent not dating and doesn't have a crush, he's straight
    Artemis (earth OC) : from America of course has an American accent
    Neptune (wind Oc) : from Australia has an Australian accent isn't dating and doesn't have a crush he's bi-sexual
    Zan :
    Zenix : A demon with four horns he's single and bi-sexual
    Claim :A cat human thing he's single and very gay
    Milo :a thing with three eyes,bleeding eyes with stains that are permanent and a cut off head
    Ben : a version of Bonnie he's straight but dating
    Mya : she is a version of Mangle she's straight and crushing
    Layla: she's straight, single but crushing
    Micheal :
    Contest's ?
    There will be one very soon I'll go ahead and give you all the rules and everything
    So you have to draw one of my Oc's (their all up there above this) make sure you name witch OC it is of mine and in the anime were I announce all of this write if you did the contest and I'll look at it!!! So yeah

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