• Hi I’m BubbleBee23! You can call me Bub. I have my Ocs. I have Purple who has a crush on Purplegirl. Purple: Maybe... Cyan, Bandana, Red, Green, Yellow whose a lesbian, Black, you don’t wanna know about him... Magenta, he doesn’t have arms, Orange, Brown, he’s a wolf, Navy -Looks at script- wait... Grey, Zachariah, Jackson, think thats it! Gender: Boi. Age: Old enough. Feeling rn: Happy! I like drawing, playing video games, fighting, hanging out with friends, playing piano, and that’s me! And now for my OCs! —————————————————- Hi! Name’s Purple. I’m into video games, practicing with my, what I like to call, ‘Reapers Sword’ Purpleg- uh I mean, painting, education, I kinda hate that I’m allergic to chocolate, people trying to make me eat chocolate, and I think that’s it for me! —————————————————-

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