• Whats your name?:It is already in the...Whatever
    When are you gonna make ocs today:Hard question i dont know
    Where do you live:I'll not tell you
    How old are you:Not gonna tell you too -.-
    What is your fav things you do:Hmm..Cant tell you
    What is your fav song from undertale:His/Memory Theme,Megalovania
    Why do you like Megalovania and His/Memory Theme?:Because megalovania is a cool music and i can dance to it and Memory/His Theme is such a wonderful music
    Do you have a crush:...WHO MADE THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!
    What is your fav characters in undertale:All of them even US,HorrorTale,UF,InkTale,Errortale,and evem more aus from that
    What is your favorite things to do:Parkour(sometimes),Drawing,Swimming(Swimming is my best 1st favorite thing to do),Listening to Undertale music,Playing undertale
    Why do you love undertale?:cause its my top 1st favorite game
    Do you like bringing mercy or genocide:both
    What is your gender:Girl
    Do you like killing people in real life:AW HELL NO!
    do you accept creepy challenges in real life:Yes
    do you believe in ghost and demons and killers and killer clowns and black magic and scary girls and more creepy stuffs:900,000,000% Yes!

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