The Unloved Umbreon111 (Currently: Asleep or school)


  • Oh boy!!!!!! Les start with QAA:3
    Q: Do you try to upload?
    A:I upload when I feel like it
    Q:are you dead?
    A:I’m gone for a forth of everyday
    Q:You didn’t draw me
    A:remind me on my most recent animation multiple times
    A: Claire (but real name is Sophie)
    A: 0.0
    Q:boy or girl?
    Q:r u my fren?
    A: sure!!
    Q:favorite color?
    A:Umbreon/Claire-->turquoise | me --> light blue
    Q:favorite food?
    A: chili
    Q: favorite animal?
    A:not real: dragon real:dinosaur :3 STILL LIVING:bird
    That's all for QAA
    |next up friends|
    2: adminz
    Comment me to be my friend
    |whatever is next|
    Short description
    Weewoo is see you. I’m a girl and gone for a forth of everyday. I don’t upload as much as some and I usually take time on what I do. I’m usually idle and forgetful so remind me if I said I would do something.
    Do NOT worry about me! I’m not gonna die and I’m not gonna kms. He suicidal animations relieve stress

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