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  • Oki wanna know my name? It's Fennec

    Ocs on this user:
    Draco (Old Main Oc)
    Melody (Ship for Kanine (Mr. fluff's Oc)
    Glitch (Ship for Error (FreddyFaz2000's Oc)
    Faith (Leo's Crush)
    Bella (From the Character Creator I made)
    Fennec (New Main Oc)

    Q&A for your Gurl? Right here

    Q: What's your name?
    A: Fennec

    Q: What's your Species?
    A: Human, aaaaand I'm part Fennec Fox

    Q: Were you named after your Species?
    A: Yes, but let's not get too into that...

    Q: Are you a WereFennec Fox?
    A: No, my family naturally has ears & a Tail, but not wings

    Q: How do you have wings?
    A: I dunno, I guess it was Naturally there

    Q: What do you eat?
    A: I am an Omnivore, so I eat all Meat, Fruit, & Veggies

    Q: Okay, so what gender are you?
    A: I'm a Female!

    Welp, More soon

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