DėprėssøVåmp ( I d k )


  • Sup peeps, this is me Vamp (or rather known Galaxy Bear) and this is my new account. I’m starting over with a new fresh, fresh new account.

    -In rp Bio-
    Name: Vamp Death Reaper
    × ~~~~~
    Nicknames: Vampy, Clod
    × ~~~~~
    Gender: Female . Sexuality: Bisexual
    × ~~~~~
    Age: In rp 18
    × ~~~~~
    Has a bad past
    -Out of rp Bio-
    Name: Natalie
    × ~~~~~
    Nicknames: Nat, (some friends call me by my last name -3-)
    × ~~~~~
    Gender: Female . Sexuality: gay/les
    × ~~~~~
    Age: 13
    × ~~~~~
    Currently: at my house
    × ~~~~~
    Fav Pokémon: Umbreon, Flareon and Leafeon
    My YouTube channel is Depressed Perib ! * ch. go subscribe if you want I meanyoudonthavetoitsokiidontmind;UUUUUUUUUU;
    Main oc ‘ s
    (I can’t remember any of my boy oc ‘ s so imma have to make new ones xD)
    × FNaF ships
    Funtime Luna x Foxy
    Mangle x Funtime Freddy
    Springtrap x Puppet
    Circus Baby x Ennard

    × TS: Darkside, Demon’s

    × TS: Cut my hair, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Empty, Middle Finger (more)

    × TS: Cherry Cola

    × TS: Pumped Up Kicks, Drowning (feat. Kodak Black)

    × TS: Sweet Dreams (are made of this)
    I love Steven universe and gravity falls and stranger things, their three of my favorite shows. I can also rp very well I very much love that.
    My social media’s are Discord, Instagram, Twitter , I have Wattsapp and youtube. And more. If I’m in the mood too I will do some dirty rp.
    I h a v e a g i r l f r i e n d
    ×Best friends:
    Diamond Kitty 1
    Phoenix (my girlfriend)
    others and I love them all
    × ~~~~~~~
    I won’t be online a lot due to school but I’ll try to after and on the weekends
    Also I curse/cuss a lot so here’s most of my Reality:
    - Depression
    - Anti-Socialness
    - Social-Anxiety
    - Suicidal thoughts (at times)
    - insane person; I want to kill someone but don’t take it too serious
    - only cares about friends and SU
    - feels like is being treated like a slave by family
    - doesn’t feel free
    - emotionless offline
    - there’s a lot more but I’d rather not....

    = ̄ω ̄= anyways.... thx for readin’ my bio
    love you my wittle vampires ×
    (If I forgot anything to put that may be important............O H W E L L))

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