• Hello to you my beautiful and handsome stars!! It is I, Zizex! Folks call me Moonlight, Moon, Lunar, or Zizex. Only my friends could call me what ever they want. Welcome to planet Zizex! We hope you enjoy our funny and cute stories, animations, pictures, and Pick A Spots! Because that’s all I do lol.
    {Facts about Me}
    1. I’m not crushing
    2. I’m a single Pringle
    3. I’m not married
    4. I’m straight
    5. I joined September 9, 2016.
    6. My favorite candy is ( I’m going best to okay ) Swedish fish, Sour Patch Kids, Gummy Worms, Hershey
    7. My bday is October 20, 2005
    8. know 100% English (obviously), 50% Spanish, 10% Hawaiian. I wish to understand Swedish and Japanese;v;
    9. I'm American, Puerto Rican and Dominican
    10. I live in America, in the state Massachusetts.
    11. I have a pet chihuahua and pomeranian
    12. My irl name is Tatiana, but my friends call me Tatuna Mitada! (Tatuna for short) (Tuna for shorter)
    13. Ferra and I actually know each other! We go to the same school so sometimes we’d collab draw with each other! Follow her.
    14. Irl I’m 12
    {Facts about Lunar}
    1. She is crushing on Solar
    2. She is dating with Solar
    3. She is married to Solar
    4. She is bisexual
    5. She is also in love with Swedish fish
    6. She is a Zizian (How ppl are called on Zizex xD)
    7. She is an alien fox
    8. She is 14 years old. (And she stays that way lmao)
    Icing Crystal
    Liza A Liza
    Strawberry Salty

    Suki!! She is an amazing drawer! And an amazing person! If you ever feel lonely, she’s gonna be the right person for you to talk to. She’s also very convincing and persuasive, I really like that about her. Also, she’s a really good role player. We are BFFs. Best friends FOREVER. (´∀`)

    Maple!! She’s really awesome to talk to and she makes you smile in real life with the amazing and unforgettable words she’ll say to you. She wouldn’t dream about hurting someone’s feelings. Unless you make her mad! We’re friends, and nothing will ever change that. ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

    Spark!! Me and her are really good friends! We have so much fun together too! Spark is a tough friend, but she is also the funniest! Me and her make jokes and play together all the time! She makes sure nothing gets in her way! She never gives up, and that’s what I love about her! (^∀^)

    Rainbow!! Rainbow is so beautiful and kind. I’m glad that I’m her friend. Wife, even better! Our relationship is too strong to break. Her animation skills are amazing! There is literally nothing Rainbow can’t do. And if there was, she’ll always have her friends to help her out. (`・∀・´)

    Gianna!! She is the best mother in the world! She is nice, caring, friendly, everything I could ask for! My siblings and I make sure nobody is bullying her. I can’t explain how kind Gianna is. Nobody could! She always finds the bright side of things too and make people’s days brighter. (^ω^)

    Crystal!! She is my second friend I’ve had. I am so happy that she’s been with me from then, to now! Ever since that day in 2016. We are now friends for 2 years. Crystal is so amazing at drawing her adorable characters! Crystal is my friend, and who I’m so proud to call my homie! (´・∀・`)

    Ukaine!! She’s very forgiving. She is always up to making new friends! She loves everyone! She is so sweet, and she even has so many friends! If she could forgive someone that had crashed a wedding, I’m pretty sure she could forgive anyone! No matter how bad things seem. (๑>◡<๑)

    Sugar!! She allows her friends to call her anything! So far what I’ve learned is that she loves everyone! She is very active and that helps boredom to go away! The stuff she makes is too hard to resist watching! She is super caring and I love having her as a friend! (๑^ں^๑)
    Gianna - Mother
    Ukaine - Mother
    Spark - Sister
    Liza - Sister
    Hazil: Sister
    Lexi: Sister
    Nightmare queen - Sister
    Slurp - brother
    Clockwork - brother
    $leepy KinQ - brother
    Ferra - cousin
    Approx - niece
    Mini Chan - Sister in law
    Autumn- Sister in law
    Icing Crystal - Sister in law
    Rainbow cupcakecat- Sister in law
    Melody - Sister in law
    Rainbow Rush - Wife
    Suki - BFF
    YouTube: Shugarr Waffle
    Discord: Caramel Velvitch#1927
    {CHARACTERS} (22)
    Autumn♂ (single)
    Babaloo ♀ (taken by Slurp)
    Beatrice ♀(single)
    Cashmere♂ (single)
    Candy♀ (single)
    Charles♂ (single)
    Chickie♀ (single)
    FireWork♀(taken by Dizzy) (Ferra’s oc)
    Hiuny♂ (taken by Pricilla)
    Jersey ♀(single)
    Lunar ♀ (taken by Mang Mang) (Kawaii Rainbow Rush’s oc)
    Magic♀ (taken by Jello) (Ferra’s oc)
    Misty ♂(single)
    Oscar♂ (taken by Kyoko) (Strawberry Salty's oc)
    Pricilla ♀ (taken by Hiuny)
    Slurp♀(taken by Babaloo)
    Sunny ♀(single)
    Sweets ♀ (single)
    Target ♂ (single)
    Tune ♀ (single)
    Zoe♀ (single)
    ~Main oc~
    Lunar ♀
    ~Favorite oc And best to least best (besides Lunar)~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Lunar’s story}
    Lunar is an orphan but she is totally fine. She lost her parents because they discovered and went to a different galaxy and got killed by creatures who are nothing like Lunar. She is very social, kind and funny! The fact that the lovable fox can be mean or angry at times is hilarious! Lunar and her friends explore different planets and meet new friends almost every day! Lunar and her friends let people in their home. They doesn’t live in the same galaxy as us. The galaxy’s planets are much closer to each other and Lunar and her friends have the ability to survive in the hottest planets to the coldest. They live on a planet called Zizex, a purple, blue, and pink planet with two huge green clouds on the west and east sides of it.

    {Jersey’s story}
    Jersey was abandoned from her parents and had been bullied her whole life as a kid. She finally got revenge and destroyed her own galaxy which made everyone along with her bullies to leave to a different one. To this day she doesn’t have any friends and she lives in her destroyed galaxy on a planet named Agrovia. She became very lonely and sad so she goes to different galaxies pretending to be their friend until she destroys their homes. She is mean to others because she is afraid of them being mean to her first. She always denies the fact that she has no friends and that she needs help. Truth be told, Jersey doesn’t actually kill people. She just scares them or make them cry. The only things she actually kills is plants. She actually likes to hang around others even if it is in a “Roar imma kill you” way.
    Okie guys that’s all I have for now!! No haters or me and my 500+ followers will hate on you too!

    Cya in Zizex

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