• Me:female,hybrid,psycho,short,crushing,can hide inside many things and is a lil shy
    Josh:male,fox,tall,single, so lonely and is a psycho too and has a crush
    Lily:female,yenderre,crushing,commen cat and a bully
    Mike:cute,popular boy,single,wolf,lily is crushing on him and is a lil bit like BellaJane
    Martha(new oc):female,singer,crushing,bullied,angel,kind,short and likes to draw
    Max:cute,fighter,hybrid like bella,psycho,tall,crushing and is like bella pretty much
    Leila(new oc):short,demon, crushing,blushes a lot and is like josh a little
    Jesse(new oc):boy,psycho,wolf, crushing,taller than everyone and is always happy
    Dragon/demon boy(new oc):pervert,dragon/demon,crushing and likes to take off shirt =//=
    Monica(new oc):has a crush,pervert,loves the color pink,cat and is tall
    Mark(new oc):cute,has a crush,is shy,wolf and is tall too
    Lucy(new oc):dead
    Wendy(new oc):angel,very nice,gets bullied,shy,tall,cute and has a crush
    Sunny(new oc):crushing,wolf,funny,cute and wants to kiss his crush
    David(new oc):is in a zombie apocalypse,crushing on a zombie,wants to help survivors and he is part zombie part human
    I’m happy
    ( .w.)
    /( )/
    /. \

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