• Hello everyone!
    Things about me:

    I make art XD

    ocs: Jackie, Aqua, Ari

    Name: Akiko
    Gender: girl

    Sexuality: straight

    Likes: drawing, playing video games, watching YT, Harry Potter series, and hanging out with friends and doggos

    Dislikes:bullies, art theifs, cheaters, copiers, and people that hurt my friends

    Friends: 🐼Panda girl🐼, ×-ůñķňøwñ-×,
    ¥•ıllı-āñøñýmøųşıllı•¥, and ᴅɪᴇsᴇʟ

    Favorite animals: wolves and dragons

    Crush: (I'm not telling ya!)


    White like my life. Black like my soul...

    People die everyday. Friends, family, cousins, siblings, pets, etc. So love them as long as they're alive.

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