Air Plane Child


  • Hey humans or furrys or nekos or whatever you are :D

    Follower goal-- 100
    Follower count-- 73 (27 more till 100!!!!! tyasm!)

    I'm a star because of the planet humans thing (yee :D)

    Soo yeah.....?
    Info on moi

    -I live in AMERICA 🇺🇸 but I am German ;)

    -I have two brothers and two sisters irl (I am the oldest :””””””””D)

    -you can guess my real name uwu

    Name: guEsS
    Gender: female
    Age: 12
    Crush: °~•Viki•~° ❤️ uwu
    Taken by: °~•Viki•~° and I loaf her very much ♥️♥️
    Sexuality: bi
    Likes: long sweaters and hoodies, the movie Be More Chill, all my followers (uwu), axolotls (a duh), Adventure Time.
    Dislikes: all life, Momo (take no offense if ur name is Momo, I am talking about the uh picture) 8-8, loneliness, people who dislike art.
    Fears: Drowning (glub glub) and SPIDERS...*shudders violently*
    BFF: none currently (you can be mine if you want)

    Other places where you can find me!

    Sketch- Touché
    AnimeMaker- Air Plane Child


    My Dod--
    Nightmare :D

    Cookie oreo (spain's oc)


    Q—how old are you?
    A— hehehee! GuEss
    Q— what is your real name?
    A— Big Chungus
    Q— where do you live?
    A— stalker..*runs off*
    Q—can I follow you?
    A—yes I am cool
    Q—can I be your friend?
    A—... sure?
    Q—is this the end?
    A—no :”D

    My art is like mega trashy. Don't jump me.

    I will follow anyone who follows me

    Big Chungus is cooooool


    🐼Panda Girl🐼
    Sarah 😋 The Potato 🥔 Master
    Myself 8u8....
    Online: ✔️
    I Am SleePy sleEpY Go AWaY tUrD :D: ✖️
    I have Left tHe App ForEver: ✖️
    No: 👍🏻
    nO I’m aT sChOol ;-; *le CrI*:✖️
    I’m baCk fRom sChool, jUst Not OnLine:✖️

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