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  • Hello
    My sexuality is:bi ;-; -
    I love meh fam and besties
    hope we get to meet each other
    I'm taken-her name is ace- just saying and I love her- :)
    Warning:I'm a bitch,asshole,and that's it or...more :)
    Things I like:real friends,my soon to be wife,i love drawing,and meh family i like peeps who are original- ^^
    Things I dislike:damn bullies,fake ass bitches,backstabers,and people who hurt the people i love...people who fucking copy me,I hate myself thats why-
    Hi hope we get to be good friends~! :)
    This was Anthony...rest in peace...-
    H-hi I'm kairo..-
    I loaf everyones art- uwu it's bootyful
    I HaS A gf~ uwu....rest in peace too....
    Hi people I'm Nicholai but call me nic ^^
    I'm bisexual...I have a girlfriend uwu
    And I think ..they wouldn't like meh- ;-;
    Have a nOiCe leif and good day-! -oc now
    I'm bi...-Victoria -oc now..

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