• Hello! Welcome to my page!
    If you're cringey HEY WELCOME TO THE CRINGE FAM
    if you are not cringey then your a normal human we don't accept normies -'_'-
    Toxin: the grumpiest bean ever,
    Likes: beer 0-o,baseball bats(idk tf why ) , fries, to grow his front hair out and his back hair (is part hyena that's why),
    Dislikes: showing his week spots/weaknesses, (most) people, Oakley (one of my other ocs
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Type of animal: hyena wolf mix
    Jaxx/jax :the most pure innocent little bean ^_^
    Likes: swimming, telling jokes (that aren't funny), pulling (innocent pranks such as leaving the toilet seat up -'_'- WEAK), also likes to grow his hair out because he admires toxin ;-;, and toxin obviously
    Dislikes: mean people, when some one talks smack to him or any of his friends, when people call him a "little grub" (he is 6ft -'_'o).
    Sexuality: straight
    Type of animal: shark hyena mix

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