🍞 ßrêãd Chãn🍞


  • Hello! I am depressions best friend, and happiness's worst enemy.

    ^^Im Asian I live in Asia, Taiwan^^

    ^^Im a Doggo^^

    ^^ i accept art requests ^^

    ^^Im obsessed with breads^^

    ^^I love food^^

    ^^friends : everyone^^

    ^^Roblox username: SiameseIsBreadz, CindyitsmeSiamese79^^

    ^^Discord : MyNameIsSiamese79 #4108

    ^^Best Friendos : 🐼Panda Girl🐼, 🍞ßreåd bøî KÑØ₩§ dã ₩æ🍞, 🌌 Galaxy 🌌, EddsworldFan, and Stoopid Mimiz ( I think I did ur username right? ^^

    ^^ I am forgotten to some people.. They don't remember I'm Wolfy TvT.^^

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