Poppy and Potato-chan!


  • Poppy and Potato-chan (plus others!)

    Wait, I need a bio? Nah.

    -part of the Three Sisters Club-

    >>Is single

    OCs: Cookie Cat, ?, Amythest, French Fry, 0.5., Jamie, Jasper, Emerald, Miranda, Marc, Stanley, Lori, March, Marco, Sarah, Al, Naomi, Tyrone, Bill, Bloom, Bob, Jayn, Maria, Logan, Feline Frosting, Bingle, and more to come!

    Alternate Universes: Swap!, Zodiac!, Colors!, Candy Cats!,

    I is a potats (probably bi)

    P on P action (I'm sorry ;v;)

    Why are all these people so nice?

    Ok bai!

    I'm sorry I'm not on often. I'm busy with school and FrameCast. My account on FrameCast is Poppy&Potato, if you wanna see me there.

    My depression is slowly getting better. I love you guys so much. ;v;

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