HerpyDerpy/Gonna Kill forever/Murderer n freinds/LETS DIE TOGETHER


  • My name is derpy...and I am dead inside.........I am 17 yrs old..meh name is ash (Ashly)

    FavColors:black,red,white,and maroon
    Fav subjects in school:Art,science,music,and...anger management
    Spirit Animal:Crow or Wolf
    Songs:PanicattheDisco,MelanieMartinez,Skrillex,LukasGraham,Elle King,and MirandaLambert.
    Pets:Cats,Dogs,and a panda
    Family:Fuck family
    Freinds:I don't like having freinds
    Fav shows:Znation,Pokemon,homicideinvestagaters,and Magicians
    Derpy is single but I bet nobody loves me

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