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  • Ello every fox and animals we are here cuz we are talking
    Q&A bout mehhhh

    Q:Do u have a pet?
    A:Yes, her name Melyna
    Q:Do u have a Bf/Gf?
    A:YESS IT IS >\\< Trent!!!!
    Q:Do u have a bro/sis?
    A:Welp, I have a bro ,RJ then my cat which is my sis
    Q:Do u have a YT channel?
    A:Yes, Mangley's Fun Art's and FNAMP 5 Nights At Magle's Pizza (MFA have vids and FNAMP no vids ;^;
    Q:Do u like FNaF?
    Q:What is ur fav FNaF aminatronic?

    Last one!

    Q:Do u always have school?
    A:yes..... ACEPPT Spring break!!!!

    Dats all!

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