• Hi! I'm Scar_The_wolf-cat. But just call me scar :3. I'm 13 and I have 3 cats, 19 fish, a brother , and my mom and dad. I don't really care about my grammar right now so ya.... OK ON TO THE JUSY INFORMATION!
    Favorate animals: Cat, wolf, fox, and birds
    Favorate food: Sushi!
    Crush irl: ummmmmm I don't have one all da boys at my school r really wired....
    Crush in game: well if your talking about me I'm not telling u..
    favorate things: Kiitens/cats, puppy's/dogs, Pokémon ( gotta catch em all) , animal jam, pusheen, foxes, aniamation, art, and playing with me cats.

    Q: Do u where glasses?

    Q: r u single on this game lol
    A: me? Yes

    Q: does your OC have a crush?
    A: yea but sugar ( girl) is single lol

    Q: want of is not single?
    A: Scar

    Ok that's all so um u don't have to fallow me but eh go ahead if u want

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