WeirdnewanimatorHarren or Oceana PIECE OF PIE/SHITTY TURD/NERD/¢яιиgє fα¢тσя/i̸ h̸a̸v̸e̸ c̸r̸i̸p̸p̸l̸i̸n̸g̸ d̸e̸p̸r̸e̸s̸s̸i̸o̸n̸


  • Hi I'm Harren(or Oceana)I am 9 years
    old and I'm weird.I love memes.DOGE!!!!That was off topic wasn't it..huh.I want to murder this guy at my school and his name is Tristan.......I hate math.Hair color(irl):Black.skincolor(irl):Tannish.Personality:crazy,meh.gender:girl you idiots.eye color:brown.Bye my little fliers!!!!!!!Q/AQ:are you mean?f yah you wannna be friends?FOLLOW ME CAUSE EVERY FOLLOWER IS A A BFF OF MINE!!!Wher so you live?:I live in Tucson Arizona.GO WILDCATS GO!!!!!!

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