Leafeon the chibi wolfie/Cody the chibi wolfie


  • Leafeon's little things you should know

    Favorite color:

    Blue :3

    Cream, mang mang, Matt, Kai, Yuki, Creampuff,Moonlight(bff of all),Diamondkitty1(bff too),
    Deva the cat(love her drawings),chocolate chip the cat(best friend and super good drawings),
    Aura the fox wolf(BFF Nya ~❤️),sparkle the white fox(BFF),taco(good drawings and very tasty),
    Pippi~(BFF nya~❤️) Roxby(bff nya~❤️)

    Where I live:
    Belton,TX (Tip: look it up)
    you'll have a good time in my account
    I promise
    Best friend:Umbreon chibi

    Animal jam: Nfran1
    Wolf simulator: Wolfiet
    Love you all- Leafeon the chibi wolfie

    Cody little things you should know:

    Favorite color:
    Blue :3

    Friends: Matt,Kai,Foxy,Bonnie,Bendy,Charmx :3

    Where he lives:

    ROBLOX: Dosent have an account 0-0

    Wolf simulator: Cody chibi

    Message from Cody:
    Hey what up guys!
    It's me Cody and you thought I had a ROBLOX account??? Well no
    If I log out of leafys account she doesn't remember her password and if she doesn't she looses alllll her robux(ik) but I do have wolf simulator soooo if you play dat make sure to look after me and leafy

    Leafy:ok Cody your out of breath...
    Cody: *breathes hard* no... Im... not...
    Leafy: ok so I hope I see you guys later and hope you have a great time in our account!!
    Cody:bye!... guys!...
    Leafy: *pushes Cody to kitchen* ok get some water
    Cody: ok I need it *opens fridge*
    Leafy: *goes to fridge to get some ice cream*
    Cody: *puts water back in fridge* hey can I get some too?
    Leafy: yeah here *gives her the ice cream pint*
    Cody: mmm yum *eats*
    Cody:gives back*
    Leafy*takes a scoop*
    Leafy: *jumps on bed with Cody*
    Cody: *jumps with leafy*


    Moon(Bright and cheerful)
    Cloud(Nice and sweet)
    Lulu(active and a little fashionista)
    Olla(funny and sweet)
    Mia(cute and pretty)
    Eliza(fancy and causal)

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