• Flutter Forest
    MLP horror fanfic by- ☯️PhoneGuy1000☯️

    It was a regular day in Ponyville. Scootaloo and Sweetybelle were waiting for Apple Bloom to arrive. Scootaloo had a worried look on her face, “Is Apple coming?” Sweetybelle turned to Scootaloo with a look of determination, “Just wait.” Scootaloo looked forward again and sat down. Sweetybelle stayed standing with the look of determination still on her face. Fifteen minutes had passed and Apple Bloom had still not arrived. Sweetybelle looked at the sky. The sun was still shining, bright and bold. Scootaloo glanced at Sweetybelle, “Are you su-” “I'm sure.” Sweetybelle had interupted Scootaloo for the first time. Scootaloo had a surprised look on her face. She has never heard Sweetybelle interrupt anypony before. She always knew Sweetybelle as a sweet, loving, and fragile pony. “Did I..uh...make you mad?” Scootaloo asked. Sweetybelle closed her eyes, “No. You just...just wait.” So they both waited.
    Scootaloo started to fall asleep but was awoken by her name being screamed in the distance. “Scootaloo! Sweetybelle!” A pony screamed in the distance. Scootaloo jumped, “Apple!” Sweetybelle wasn't looking surprised but slightly aggravated, “What took you so long? You had us worried sick!” Apple Bloom saw the look on Sweetybelle's face and had a nervous tone in her voice, “I'm sorry. I-I didn't make it on time...I was kind of scared on my way here.” “Scared?” Scootaloo asked quickly. “What do mean scared?” Apple Bloom shuttered a little, “I-I don't really want to talk about it right now..” Sweetybelle looked less mad and more worried. “Have you heard about that forest?” Scootaloo asked. Sweetybelle and Apple Bloom looked confused. “You know. That wierd forest everyone's talking about that apparently Fluttershy's in?” Both of the phillies still looked confused. “Just. I'll show you.”
    Sweetybelle and Applebloom followed Scootaloo to the forest. “They call it Fluttershy Forest. It's supposedly haunted. I doubt it.” Sweetybelle and Applebloom were speechless. “Don't be scared,” Scootaloo said, “Like I said, I doubt there's anything in it.” “But what if there is?” Applebloom said with a scared tone.“Geez,” Scootaloo rolled her eyes, “Why are you so scared? There's probably just rabbits or birds there and nothing that's going to harm us.” Sweetybelle and Applebloom looked ahead and saw the tree line.
    Me: I'll add more later.
    Choji: What a drag...
    Me: .-.
    Choji: *eats chips* Ō-Ō

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