• Hai, I'm ȏṃѧяı But, you can call me Toon. I Loaf All,
    Anyway, Be sure to Follow and Enjoy !
    Q & A!
    Q: Personality?
    A: Happy, mostly positive, gothic ?, artistic, and Playful..? I'm trying to stay Positive .. -w-
    Q: What do you spend your free time with ?
    A: Mostly drawing, watching videos, Netflix/YouTube, and hanging with Friends. (Sometimes)
    Q: Favorite colors?
    A: Teal, Eh ?
    Q: Do you like anime and shipping? (PRP, Anime, Ships ? )
    A: Yep ! I loaf to ship OCS, and sometimes Roleplay.
    Q: Do you take requests? (Drawings or animations ?)
    A: Sometimes, But not much.
    Q: Do you have a Crush ?~
    A: Y-Yes, Apparently.~
    Q: Can we be friends :D?
    A: Of course, My Loafer !
    Goodbye, have a Great day, evening, or morning ! <3

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