Nightlock/I'll fuck you up buttercup/heroine makes you feel your feelings


  • H-hi. I AM THE SQUISHY DESTROYER OF WORLDS!! I'm Michael or Mikey for short. I am a transgender male that loves FNAF, Undertale, Marvel, Sherlock, anime, and Steven Universe.
    Are you single: no I love Andy
    Have you ever had sex: yes I'm a prostitute so....
    Sexuality: pansexual
    Favorite Colors: black and red
    Are you suicidal: yes
    Kill yourself: sure
    Favorite bands: My Chemical Romance, Sleepig with Sirens, Fall out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Green Day
    Any ocs: Peter, he's my favorite and Joe the Spider
    Wanna be my friend: of course hon. If you need anyone to talk to I'm here.
    Best friends forever: Yagi, Yeti, Stormy, Tina, Jasmine, Rin, Umb, Teals, Ender, and more!
    Best friend for fucking Ever: Amber and Andy and Phoenix
    Do you cut: yes.
    So... Basically that's it! Welcome to my account

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