• Hello! It's me AQUA here I like anime things - Kim - Hi I'm Kim I ship ALOT don't tell Aqua But I ship Her with Dan :3 - Tyler- Hi I'm Tyler I'll tell You lil About Aqua she Likes Using the IPad a lot she Loves Cats and Dogs and she ships Me X Kuu And Kuu X Quu and Kuu X Foxy! - foxy - I Tell ye About Aquathefoxy She Is on Night 7 on FiveNightsatFreddys - Kuu - Hay I'm Kuu I'll Tell you some Info about Me and Aqua's Friendship We Both like Cats and Dogs and we ship Kuu X Quu Aka Me KUU :3 - ???. - i will tell You something's about Aqua Her Real Name is hope she is Scared of the Dark and she Wears Glasses That are Blue and DARK BLUE - Buddy from Minecraft - hi! I'm 1rainbow's Dog in Minecraft She's a GREAT dog care taker :3 - Dan - yeah sure aqua is Nice I like her she's cool I guess - quu - Aqua is A female all I know is that About her.... - me - Hayy! I'm back My ocs Just told You some Stuff about me so Bye

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