• I’m a TYpO FReAk aNd y3H

    Hi there my name is Sadee! I’m trying to make more friends in AnimeMaker so I can take all my worries away here!

    I think art is a way to relax it also fun! I may take breaks time to time but that’s because I have school or I’m to lazy.

    If your mad at me for some reason come talk to me, I don’t want to see people mad or sad and I’m the reason for it.

    I’m not going to put favorite friends on here because I don’t want to make people mad or sad, but I will put a few things on here about me.

    I am kid friendly so you don’t have to worry about me doing anything YOUR not supposed to.

    My favorite color is pink, blue, and coral.

    My dream goal is to make one of my anime’s go on popular or Recommend.

    If you see me doing something weird or make a weird anime I had sugar. ( Likely )

    I try to keep up with all my followers and I might joke a little on here.

    I’m a pretty chill person so I won’t get mad easily.

    My favorite candy bar is Twix.

    I tell some of my dramatic problems on here.

    If you see me get mad you should give me some space!

    My drawing style was inspired Fragator but she left.

    I dislike people that copy people.

    I think hate is a very strong word as well as Love.

    If your that curious my age is 11.

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