✦✺❁S h a d o w T e h K i t t e h❁✺✦ ♡٩(♥︎ᴗ♥︎)۶N o t i c e m e s e m p a i٩(♥︎ᴗ♥︎)۶♡ (●ω●) C o o k i e s! (●ω●) (I cri evrytim with ink sans da skeleton .3.)


  • Hoi,I'm shadow/Cupcake (if I'm not on its because my internet is being a blue waffle/hater but I have a second account)
    I'm bisexual and I like waffles.
    Waffles,waffles,waffles,waffles,waffles,waffles,And waffles.
    My waifu is shade and he's my love waffle (fσяєνєя)
    My fans are my waffles and my haters are blue waffles -KittyDog
    My Birthday is July 4th and I don't care Watcha say bout it.
    I adopted a chaild named Sam (´▽`)
    I started a species called "BunnyDog",Inspired by the name "KittyDog".But Melody and me are not part of the species. (The BunnyDog family is one of a kind,Don't steal it.)
    I like waffles to much
    Okay I have major issues
    Moving on to the questions
    Q:Do you like waffles?
    A:read my beginning of this random stuff first
    Q:Who is your waifu?
    A:my god read the 3rd sentence
    Q:What's your life about?
    A:Dying of course
    Q:SmAsH mE BbY
    A:-cough-no -cough-only with shade..-cough-( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Q:Do you have cats?
    A:yes they are my waffles
    Q:what is their genders?
    A:4 girls,0 boys,
    Q:What is their names?
    A:Cupcake,Dotty(cupcake and dotty are sisters),LullyBell,And Buttercup
    Q:Have you had cats in the past that died?
    A:a lot becuz blue waffles(cars) ran my favorite one over and now I want too kill Em damn cars.
    Q:favorite foods?(drinks,fruit and stuff)
    A:Waffles,chicken,fries,Bananas,Apples,PineApples,WaterMelon, And idk cookies?
    Q:Favorite Youtuber of all?
    A:KiTtY dOg AnD bIrDiE
    Q:Favorite Youtuber ships?
    A:BirdieDog(KittyDog x Birdie),Pat X Jen(also IRL to lmao)And idk
    Can we stop?
    My hands are tired and their to lazy and I sum wafflez
    Q:Second crush?
    Q:Do you have Ocs?
    Q:What is your favorite songs?
    A:Left behind,Got no time,Rather be,Wake me up,All time low,This is what you came for,My house,OMFG I love you,OMFG hello,WRECKNG BALLZ,one more time,FNAF song,Ennard song,Enjoy these 5 long nights,stressed out,heathens,fight song,don't let me down,OMFG Icecream,OMFG Wonderfull,Luigi sings Jingle bells,Somebody else,Starboy,Somebody that I used to know,where are you,Scary bear,Talking body,Mountain on my gates,Poker face,Build our Machine(Bendy),All of me,Watcha say,Outside,Colors,DashBoard,Animal crossing Meme,Mama said,Gold,Timber,Hymn for the weekend,And more.
    Q:Who are your favorite youtubers?
    A:DenisDaily,iHasCupqauke,CorlHorl,CraftedRL,Subzeroextybe(what eves),Sam gladiator,StampyLongNose,GamingWithJen,PopularMMOS,KittyDog,Birdie,And GoldBlox.
    (I am an innocent girl,But if you bully mah Waifu your going to the end of the world.)
    Favorite ships (NOT OCS!!!):
    Me X ShadeTehBear//is a derp//Likes cookies a lot
    MariThePuppet X GoldieTehBear
    TheGamerGirlKid X Shamer
    Stormy X Tina
    Lord X Teals
    Mikey X Izzy
    AquaTheFoxy X X123Monster
    Kate X darkAngelYt
    Suki x Timewarp (smash smash smash smash)
    Yagi x yeti
    Sam x ice the sheep
    And I forgot the others because I have no idea (BUT NOT X-EVENT STUDIOS X CUTIE COOKIE THE FOX!!!!)
    My friends:
    1.ShadeTehBear/Is a derp/Likes cookies a lot (my sempai <3) (best friend forever)
    2.Rin senpai the dog (ehh idk)
    4. MadisonAnimates/ MEME QUEEN!!! (\'-'(\ (uses FrameCast!)
    5.RoboThe Fox
    6.⚫♠§ĶÝ WØŁF 15♠⚫
    7.❆✦❄︎ᔕ т σ я м у❄︎✦❆(haz the best egg punz/meh best friend foreverrrrr)
    8. ☁︎Rose❁Cloud☁︎Tina❁ (A Bootiful girl for stormy :3)
    9.✺◊♩M༶O༶O༶N༶L༶I༶G༶H༶T༶♩◊✺ (BFF BFF BFF BFFF)
    12.TheGamerGirlKid (maiiii bestttiee)
    13.Shamer (other bestie)
    14.Me :)
    15.Grey the coyote (always makes me laugh XD)
    16.Shade da faggot cat
    17.Slvy (she changed her name to )
    18.Ava G
    19.Proguineapig's (Aka Nadine's)clan (Guinea pig clan)|The Stevenson's family!|Pimp|Mlg lord|Rainbowstar leader of the Rainbowclan|Magical mystery person|
    20.єʟєṃєṅṭ ṃʏṡṭıċ ṭһє ԀєƿяєṡṡєԀ ҡıṭʏʏċѧṭ
    24.Little Kitty
    25.Melissa/Lil queen~
    27.Shiny torchic
    28.MangleTheFox/Ipa (best mangle ever)
    30.RubyWolf/Kaylee A.
    35.LoganDoesGaming (he quited ;-;)
    36.Red The Alien (best friend) (my second crush..) (and she quitted cri cri cri cri cri)
    38.Ice the sheep
    40.Spensh (Lost animator)
    42.Ink sans da skeleton (bff)
    43.Lucky Fox
    And many more other good waffles (friends)
    Best friends for ever :'3 :
    ShadeTehBear/Is a derp/ Likes cookies a lot
    RubyWolf/Kaylee A.
    Little Kitty
    Ava G
    Grey The Coyote
    Ice the sheep
    Spensh (lost animator)
    Ink sans da skeleton
    I forgot the others NUUUUUUU
    Favorite FNAF ships:
    Foxy X Mangle
    Chica X Bonnie
    Withered Bonnie X Withered Chica
    Toy Bonnie X Toy Chica
    Nightmare Foxy X Nightmare Mangle
    Balloon Boy X Balloon Girl
    Bonnet X BonBon
    Nightmare Bonnie X Nightmare Chica
    Withered Foxy X Withered Mangle
    Wither drawled Bonnie X Wither drawled Chica
    Wither drawled Foxy X Wither drawled Mangle
    Wither drawled Toy Bonnie X Wither drawled Toy Chica
    Bonnie X Mangle
    Phantom Bonnie X Phantom Chica
    Phantom Toy Bonnie X Phantom Toy Chica
    Phantom Foxy X Phantom Mangle
    Phantom Balloon Boy X Phantom Balloon Girl
    Nightmare Balloon Boy X Nightmare Balloon Girl
    Ennard X Funtime Foxy(SisterLocation)
    Favorite FNAF Animatronics:
    All of them except Withered foxy and Chica,their my blue waffles (Enemies) ;3
    Oh no I'm running out of things to say XDDD
    What is your meme?
    GET SHREKTED SON!1!11!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1 (it's actauly REKT not SHREKTED but who cares ;))
    ✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺ ✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺✺
    Do not mess with:
    My waifu

    WARNING:if you do I will kick you to the Antarctic Ocean where you will die. :'3
    Q:How do you act like a noob?
    A:But I am a noob
    Transgender version of me: A gamer,Obsessed with transgender Shade,Likes games of course :3
    Pusheen me: Likes cookies,Is a derp,Fat,Obsessed with pusheen shade
    FNAF me:Not that scary,Obsessed with FNAF shade,Bad at killing the night guard
    Evil me:Red eyes,Obsessed with evil shade,Dark black colors,
    Triggered me:Obsessed with triggered shade,Likes to flip tables,And waving arms around
    Derpy me:Obsessed with Derpy shade,Eats a lot of cookies,Kawaii face
    KittyDog me:likes waffles,has magic,obsessed with kittyDog shade,and waffles, waffles,waffles,waffles
    Tv me:Obsessed with tv shade,and I dunno cat ears?

    Oki bye
    Waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle and waffle
    -throws waffles at you- go away
    I Dunt want stalkers or blue waffles
    She don't like

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