daddy shera buff arms


  • oog
    Murr is the best and u cant convince me otherwise
    Sky is my mr mum
    Veronica is gay for Emily because emica
    takomoon is dead
    Thunder is epic ://3
    lmao I cant remember what the fuck was on my desc.
    saMiCk iS caNnOn bItChEz
    EmIca iS caNNon bItcHez

    I’m kyle
    Im like hunt piggies
    I think I gay idk
    Actually what I do know is I’m gay for thundz

    merry Christmas
    Happy Halloween
    happy Easter
    sad normal day<———

    online<— (hHh)

    my discord is always changing so rip

    This is a pg family friendly account ok
    so fuck you bitch if you wanna be a cunt and swear get out of this holy ass family

    Sky is my epic furry mr mom
    Stuff about me
    Favourite colour: pink/red
    Friends: I have lots
    Taken by: thunder
    favourite song: idk I listen to lots but I like baBy shArk dODoDoDoDo-
    name: get out (it’s kyle if you don’t know)
    Favourite tv shows: rpdr, Steven universe, Shera. Peppa pig B))
    Fandoms: Steven universe, Hamilton, shera, emica, ddlc, bnha (tiny bit),
    Ships: catradora, emica, rupphire, natyuri, Tododeku, Kiribaku, merfuma, samick. I think that’s it
    Sexuality: idk bitch
    Gender: male (he/him ect.)
    thunder is the cutest bean I could ever want and I’m so lucky to have him. I swear to fuck you fucking say anything negative about him I will kill u and dab on ur grave so yeah. He. Is. Mine. So. Don’t. You. Dare. ToUch. HIm. Thunder if you see this, love youuu!! ://3 ♥️ <3 <3
    Oh shit i have about 2837283 different good ships but these are my favourite:
    Season two of shera is apparently supposed
    to be heart breaking. I will actually physically and mentally die if they kill catra or mermista
    no but really, if they kill catra I will honesty not talk or move or do anything for a year. I care about catra more than I care about my family-

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