Ink the killer(female)


  • Yes I'm a goth...I am the daughter of purple guy....well purple guy doesn't remember me because he thought I was dead when I was stabbed over and over by my brothers Funtime Freddy and toy Freddy...I work as a nightguard...and you may know me from amino I was ink the night guard (female)! I can go from the five nights at Freddy world to undertale....yes I allow the ship of me and error...mainly cus I do that....hey I know others do...I am the twin of ink sans except when I was stabbed I came back as a insane goth girl blood thirsty wanting revenge....I haunt my brothers now giving them nightmares and appearing in their room at night...the only people I trust are error and my dad purple guy! Some call me the purple girl....if anyone is in my way they will DIE! If ur kind enough I might spare you....if I think of you worthy enough...

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