✨Kaytie luv✨


  • Umm I am horse_crazy the old user, I changed it all so this is mer new name <3

    Name irl: kaytie
    Besties irl: Ava & Jessie
    Fav food: uhh.... is everything but veggies okay?
    Bday!: oct 7th (I was born early, I was supposed to be born on Halloween)
    Fav song: anything by KE$HA
    Fav theme of anything: Fnaf (it don't matter witch part, I don't even care if it's SL)
    Fav animal: HORSES
    my level of weird: INSANE
    what I think about myself and others: kawaiiness <3
    Favorite stress reliever: slime (I DONT FIVE A CRAP ABOUT YOU FIDGET SPINNERZ >:3)

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