• I'm just a leopard/ deer
    Characters and love stuff
    Rin Jackson engaged with niza
    Space night dating Chris
    Dark moon night crushing on starshine
    Spike rose dating Jacob
    Lulu rose dating tornado
    Socks foster
    Spots forest crushing on lance
    Firesleep flame crushing on sox
    Moss forest (single)
    Cody hunter crushing on Violet
    Killer walker (single)
    Knife Walker (single)
    Nightcore moon (single)
    Moonlight breeze (single)
    Coal mist (single)
    Chaos Nightmare (single)
    Fuzzy club:
    Kaylabanh (fuzzy pup)
    Fireblast (weird Fuzzy)
    Diamond kitty (shimmering fuzzy)
    Firelight (flaming fuzzy) (beta)
    Krystiline (cool fuzzy)
    Minty (silly fuzzy)
    Pink pya (Awesome fuzzy) (beta)
    Springtrap (broken fuzzy)
    Wooolioo (blue bean fuzzy)
    Golgi (... fuzzzy)
    Aquathefoxy (sea fuzzy)
    Fireberry (fire fuzzy)
    Fav fuzzies:
    Pink pya(ღ˘ω˘ღ)
    Fireblast \(`O´θ/
    Diamond kitty o (>‿<✿)
    Wooolioo ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
    Little fluffy monster (♥ω♥*)
    Smile_diamond Ψ(´▽`)Ψ
    Spark \_(•.•)_/
    Fireberry (☆^O^☆)
    Inspired by: grey , pink pya
    DeviantArt: ChaosDreaingcat13
    Wattpad: DreamingChaos13
    Oc of the month:Rash
    Follow of the month: diamond kitty
    Fav Quotes: The world is a cruel but beautiful place-attack on titan
    ( by grey)
    Butterscotch (male cat)
    Peanut (pit bull male dog)
    HoneyTree (female cat)
    by Firęłight
    What I Watch in my spare time:
    Attack on titan
    Attack on junior high
    Hat club:
    Pink pya (cute hat)
    Grey (cool hat)
    Diamond kitty (funny hat)
    Fireblast (weird in a good way
    Fire Berry (hat hat)
    -- hi I'm space
    •I'm a normal galaxy animal
    •I'm dating the sweet Chris
    •I like berries
    -- hello I'm rin
    •I can be weird
    •I love niza
    •I like pretzel sticks
    -- hi buddy I'm socks
    •I'm breathing ice
    •I like butterscotch pie
    •I'm a single Pringle
    -- sup I'm moss
    •I'm very single
    •I need friends
    •I like chocolate bars
    -- ugh I'm rash
    •I like....Levi
    • I like chocolate
    •I can be very mean or nice
    -- HI!! I'm magical
    •I'm aways happy
    •I'm single
    •I like lemons
    -- hello dark moon
    •I love dark shine
    •I have horns
    •my sis is space
    --sup I'm chaos
    • I'm

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