• Undertale me : so lazy,love spaghetti,a doctor,looks like gaster.
    Undertale AU me : so sweet,love hot dogs.....?,Royal guard,capturing humans.
    And i have ps4 my name is imayaigameri
    I wish you really enjoy my animations see ya bye!!
    Q:what is you age?
    A:I won't tell
    Q:what is you gender?
    Q:who is your best friend?
    A: GERY!
    Q:which people you really love?
    A:followers and EVERYONE!
    Q:did you kiss some one?
    Q:which dance you can do it?
    A:floss dance and worm dance
    Q:do you had a nightmare in your sleep?
    A: yes it was horrible..
    Q:got some power?
    A: ye I drink de Mountain Dew every time bro.
    Q:do You love short hair?
    A:yes of course!
    Q:do You love long hair?
    A:No it look stupid on me
    Q:Best game?
    A:overwatch iam mercy God
    Q:Level in Overwatch?
    A:Silver And 4 stars
    Q:Rank in compitive ?
    Q:Do you love Justin burger ?
    A:No he is stupid and silly
    Q:why did you name him Justin burger?
    A:because he is fat like a ball
    A: what the hell?

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