• Hello darling!
    I hope you enjoy to my animation if you wants more animation say for me in the comments and say for me what do you want?
    Iam from Saudi Arabia :3
    Iam Muslim!♡
    And say for me what animation do you want like -manga-minecraft-roblox-undertale-underfell-under swap-gastertale-don't let me down song-
    any thing you want okay??
    Undertale me : so lazy,love spaghetti,a doctor,looks like gaster.
    Undertale AU me : so sweet,love hot dogs.....?,Royal guard,capturing humans.
    And i have little big plant 3 my name is imayarigameri lol I have many levels I make one name is GREY THE VAMPIRE GOAT BACK!!
    I really love draw I love draw with others and I really love you for the views and iam SOO glad I make the animations in a 2times ??
    Well darling and all of you i hope you to get more views like 569?
    Please checkout my overwatch animations!!
    Click over here please ◎▲◎ ↓

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