⚫♠§ĶÝ WØŁF 15♠⚫/ Matsuno Ichimatsu


  • こんにちは!
    Hi my name is Roy. You can call me Sky (^_^)
    Q: what's your name?
    A: Roy the sky wolf
    Q: favorite youtubers?
    A: Sleepykinq, Kittydog, miine, shgur, ice artz,...
    Q: favorite games:
    A: pixel gun 3d, Clash royal, minecraft pe, fnaf 1,2,3,4, undertale, bendy and the ink machine, geometry Dash,...
    Q: favorite color?
    A: blue, dark-blue, black, light-blue, white.
    Q: favorite guns pixel gun 3d?
    A: prototype, Smart bullet bazooka, bad doctor, katana.
    Q: favorite cards Clash royal:
    A: electric wizard, sparky, P.E.K.K.A, bomber ( wall bracker)
    Q: favorite animatronics:
    A: bonnie, springtrap, shadow Freddy.
    Q: favorite pokemon?
    A: umbreon, greninga, vaporeon.
    Q: favorite sports?
    A: squash, climb, swim.
    Q: favorite pokeball
    A: master ball, Great ball.
    Q: favorite dj?
    A: monster cat, Tokyo machine, TheFatRat, Shawn Wassabi, Azzazal.
    Q: favorite songs?
    A: Foster The People- Pumped Up Kicks (remix), Shawn Wassabi- mac n' cheese; Azzazal- I said meow,
    Q: favorite animals?
    A: wolf, cat, dog, turtle :3
    Q: do you know Naruto?
    Q: do you know Fairy tail?
    A: yes -__-
    Q: fav movies?
    A: Doctor Strange , Everest and more
    My fav are two tails and nine tails:3
    I'm a doctor. I like my job.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) BRUH
    Even more...
    Q: who's your favorite brother in Osomatsu-san?
    A: 4th brother Ichimatsu.
    Q: why
    A: idk.
    Q: ocs
    A: Alfred, Shadow, Derby, Kate
    Q: hiw many brothers or sisters do you have?
    A: 5 brothers... they're annoying me but we are brothers :)
    5 bros: Tyler, Kyne,Rob,Kyle,Timm.

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