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  • Hewwo ppl~! It's your boi dark here~! OuO and welcome to my page~! I'm just a boy that has nuuu life XD at all (no seriously I don't ._.) that is suffering from these things....... Like, depression,anxiety,cutting and suicidal thoughts .3. But aye, I'm not being weird it's true ;3;
    Ocs:Dusk,Plane,Jet,Rodri, Randy,Neon,Battery,Paint,
    Tsunami,Sharper,Data,and Vapor,Wild,Error,Dubstep,Compute,and Corri :3
    Main oc: Ah, dark he is just a kiddo and a furry (yes a furry) who gets a little crazy and a psycho (if you get him mad) that always acts a little chaild and his guardian is a...*drum roll* a...god...hamster..a god hamster XD no seriously it is -3-
    Q & A
    Q:Where do you live?
    A: nowhere ;'D
    Q: Are you gay?
    A:Ehhh idk well I'm bisexual •__•
    Q:Go kill yourself >:3
    A: okay! :D eh soon....
    A: never tell you >:3
    Q:How much you love your waifu?
    A: oh...o/////o I rlly love her very much I always think bout her (not telling her name :'3)
    Q:Can I poke your right eye?
    A:*hisses* nuuuuu plz
    Q:Can I stalk you?
    A:hahahahahaha no.....okay...
    Q: I am going to murder you in your sleep >:D
    A: HA you will never find me!!!! >:3
    Q:Can we be friends?
    A:yee :3
    Oh yeah one more fact bout dark is that he rlly loves ink gore well if you make him rlly mad he will injected you with any color or he will murder you so..plz don't make him mad okie..? And no he is not scary

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