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  • Hewwo friend! It's meh Dark and welcome to my page? Pfft who cares ;u; and here's some info about me irl & my oc Dark

    Dark's info:
    1:No crush at all ;v;
    2:Hates being bully
    3: Also known as the Ghost Speaker
    4:Part Wolf/Dragon
    5:Eats Noodles,Sushi,Cookies, and Salad
    6:Drinks Water and Hot Cocoa
    7:Likes to Read,Play soccer and Basketball, and Play video games
    8:Is a lil chubby furry
    9:Acts like a chaild asf
    10: Personalities are Angry,Sad,Happy,Nice and sometimes a lil flirty guy~

    Me irl info:
    1:I have been abused
    2:As a kid I was afraid of Doctors
    3:I almost died in a car accident
    4:I have been traumatized when I was 6 years old
    5:I feel like I'm useless
    6: Always been in da friend zone ;3; (aye don't chu dared laugh at me)
    7:I wear glasses (I look weird)
    8: Now wears braces for 2-3 years
    9:I always watch Anime (any) & Reads Manga alot
    10:I always hiss when someone says 'school' XD

    Ocs:Randy, Zero, Zaiden, Fang, Takumi ,Corri, Dusk, Swørd, Paint, B.S, Blizzard, Lax, Poker, Sea, Data, Vapor, Plane, Jet, Valter, Raven, Shadow, Adrain, Colin, Light, and Death :3

    Dead Oc:
    Hero and Helicopter

    Main Oc:

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