• Hello! I'm Waxy/Derpy!! Also, Check out my 2 Channels!!!
    Channel One: SnowflakeSwirl Gaming
    Channel2: Derpy Mations
    Age:9 (and the 12 year olds spell worse than me ) (aka Yukki Yano)
    Fav bands: Twenty one piolets & Panic! At the disco
    Siblings:8 (3 bros 5 sistahs)
    Wierd level: over 9000 (lol)
    Single (of course lol)
    Grade: 4th
    Q: What are you allergic to?
    A: Misquitos and maybe bees (never got stung so idk)
    Q: How many pets do you have?
    A: idk too lazy to count but a lot :P
    Q: do you like roleplays?
    A: Sort of. Depends on the Genre.
    Q: What do you think of the sexy boys??
    A: They are gross Fuck-Boys
    Q: Did you ever date anyone?
    A: Nope. Everyone thinks im your typical nerd-girl :/
    Q: do you have Facebook?
    A:Yes. My user is "Marissa Ellenmay Butler"
    Q:What state do you live in?
    A: Pennsylvania

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