• Name: Trisha

    Age: 10

    Gender: Female

    Siblings: One sister

    Sisters ACC: ILikeTurtles

    Grade: 4th ( I'm in Summer Break about to go to 5th )

    Roblox Acc: RoxyFoxy12222

    Followers: 18
    ~Q AND A~

    Q: Do you use this app everyday?
    A: No,I only do it on the weekends.

    Q: Do you like somebody?
    A: ..Next question! -///-

    Q: Do you oftenly play this app?
    A: Actually, yes I do. I love to draw.

    Q: What's ur fav food?
    A: PIZZA!

    Q: Can we be friends?
    A: Can you? Of course!

    Q: Do you rage when your internet doesn't work?
    A: Yes ;n;

    Q: When will this end?
    A: Right now! XD

    End of Q and A
    Fav Memes: Yee, Kazoo Kid and Here Comes Dat Boi
    Fav Musics: Heathens, Rockabye Baby and Dollhouse
    Fav Games/Apps: Roblox, Anime Maker, and Piano Tiles 2
    •-• <------- Bob wants to be your friend.

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    Bye <3

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