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  • Baku Baku Nya Nya,
    I'm September, or spensh, yeehaw.
    Currently: Both?? Horribly tired (I barely do this ok)
    I fall asleep easily
    I'm a "meemee"
    I'm also super stubborn
    Taki tu meh pls
    I love my Angie
    I surf a lot. Hh but I'm pretty bad and good?

    I'm a transgender male and I'm pretty proud.

    Talk to me! Don't be afraid, I do NOT bite. Only if you mess with my love or my family members,friends etc.
    I'm expecting a little bundle! Not ready yet though, ;3;

    Friends: Shadowtehkitty, shade, teals, ...., timewarp (goodbye fellow friend :c), Tina, knightly, G and suspheres, and prickly~!!

    Beasts: ...., Meli, teals, Shade, moonlight, Knightly, prickly pear and Pink pya!!

    I suffer from: Anxiety, Depression, Craving food. (It's actually pretty hard), family, losing friends and Anorexia?? Probably Thinking of suicide :p

    •I'm September's main Oc
    •I'm NOT single
    •I have a lack of friendship
    •I love hugs
    •not a social butterfly
    •I love Prickly!!

    •I'm happily in love with G~!!
    •don't flirt with G or you'll regret it.
    •gonna propose~ <3
    •expecting another baby~

    Oh and also, I surf (I said that already) And I'm a big reggae fan.
    I am the creator of corgilons!~

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