BøneCrüshęr/ Łøśt / Špënśh


  • Hola! Konichiwa or Hello! I am TheLostAnimator but you can call me Bone crusher :3 or spensh if your my best friend~
    Currently: Online
    My babiessss: Alyx,Lucy,max,ally,maddi,Niles,Luke,messiah and Melly :3 don't forget grey!
    Babes for evah: Teals, mikey, Pheonix, Shadow, Pip, Moonlight, Meli
    Single?: nope~! I'm with my Meli~
    My favorite foods are ravioli,pasta,pesto (even tho it's not a food), Hawaiian pizza
    I like to animate, roleplay and moreeee~!
    Cya later guys~ BAKA
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~chicken nuggets~~~~~~~~~~~I'm gay~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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