❤️️C ö t t o n C ä n d y❤️️


  • Q&A time~
    What's your name?
    -Check my old drawings -w-
    Tell me your gender or Courtney gets it!
    -Go ahead, I don't give a shit anyway ;u;
    I love you
    -I love you too mah lil cookie ~ <3
    I hate your fucking guts
    -Maybe you should go to rehab U3U
    Do you think I'm sexy <:3
    -Well... Lets just say your mah lil cookie~
    Why do you like cookies you damn psychopath!?
    -I like them because they're beautifully tasty (;
    Your edgy I hate you
    -I know you are.. But what am I?
    What is your sexuality??
    -Well.. Bisexual T///T
    Are you a fucking fuck fuck?
    -If I knew what that meant I'd agree with you. O〰V~~
    Who is Fwuffles??
    -A cat creature that I abandoned
    Any last words?
    -Why has god abandoned us??
    H E L L O I A M C Ö T T O N C Ä N D Y A N D I T H I N K Y O U R A H O T S O N O F A B I T C H S O
    K I S S M E M K ? G O O D A L S O Y O U B E T T E R N O T H A T E O N M E O R M Y S T E R Y
    W I L L G E T Y O U R S E X Y A S S ( ;

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